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Researchers Sequence Tobacco Hornworm Genome

ISAAA - Ср, 08/17/2016 - 11:00
An international team of researchers led by Prof. Gary Blissard of the Boyce Thompson Institute and Prof. Michael Kanost of Kansas State University, has sequenced the genome of the tobacco hornworm, a caterpillar species used in many research laboratories for studies of insect biology. The tobacco hornworm, or Manduca sexta, develops into the Carol...

Biotech Country Facts and Trends

ISAAA - Ср, 08/17/2016 - 11:00
ISAAA releases the revised series Biotech Country Facts and Trends. The first set in the series features the top five developing biotech countries of Brazil, Argentina, India, China, and Paraguay. Biotech Country Facts and Trends are concise summaries highlighting the commercialization of biotech crops in specific countries. Data on biotech crop co...

TEDxUPM Talk on "GMOs: Seeds of Destruction?"

ISAAA - Ср, 08/17/2016 - 11:00
Are GMOs seeds of destruction? Dr. Mahaletchumy Arujanan, Executive Director of the Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC) answers this question during a TEDx event in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Dr. Arujanan is an award-winning scientist and science communicator. She was hailed as one of the most influential people in biotechnolog...

World Seed Treatment Market Report

ISAAA - Ср, 08/17/2016 - 11:00
The world seed treatment market is expected to generate a revenue of about US$7.8 billion by 2021, increasing at a prominent compound annual growth rate of 8.3 percent from 2015 to 2021. This projection is according to the latest release of Acute Market Reports on World Seed Treatment Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 – 2021. Through the y...